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Open Line Shooting All Day

Course will consist of 6 targets and 5 arrows per target
Unmarked yardage 10 meters to 15 meters
All classes will be $5.00 per Archer
You must have your own equipment – bow and arrows
A limited number of bows and arrows will be available


Only NASP Genesis compound bows can be used – camo or target colors
Full length size 1820 aluminum arrows
Only plastic vanes permitted
Finger tabs, gloves and armguards are permitted
No sight tapes, marks or other modifications to the bow, that may be used as a sighting aid
The use of mechanical release aids or stabilizers will not be allowed


The format will consist of 6 3D animal targets at 10 – 15 meters
5 arrows per target for a total of 30 arrows


Classes will consist of
Elementary Girls – 4 th – 5 th grade
Elementary Boys – 4 th – 5 th grade
Middle School Girls 6 th – 8 th grade
Middle School Boys 6 th – 8 th grade
High School Girls 9 th -12 th grade
High School Boys 9 th – 12 th grade


Medals will be awarded for 1st and 2nd in each class

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