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Jared Scheffler

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Jared started filming his hunts in 2006 with a small camera his grandmother loaned him. This past year, Whitetail Adrenaline released its 13 th season. Jared and his crew strictly hunt public land using spot and stalk, ground zero tactics. Each Whitetail Adrenaline production includes the failure and successes of do it yourself public hunting.

Over the 13 seasons, Whitetail Adrenaline has been able to capture some great hunts on camera, including using a canoe to reach a magnum, missing a buck from the ground at 5 yards, and a weeklong recovery effort of a 198 class whitetail shot with a longbow.

Because of our awesome supporters, Whitetail Adrenaline has been (and always will be) ad free and sponsor free.

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